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Review: Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins

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Score: Not 2 Read

The blurb: When Grace Emerson’s ex-fiance starts dating her younger sister, extreme measures are called for. To keep everyone from obsessing about her love life, Grace announces that she’s seeing someone. Someone wonderful. Someone handsome. Someone completely made up. Who is this Mr. Right? Someone…exactly unlike her renegade neighbor, Callahan O’Shea. Well, someone with his looks, maybe. His hot body. His knife-sharp sense of humor. His smarts and big heart. Whoa. No. Callahan O’Shea is not her perfect man! Not with his unsavory past. So why does Mr. Wrong feel so…right?

Oh, boy. Where do I start with this mess? Should I mention the humor revolves around physical violence such as the heroine beating the hero with a field hockey stick, followed by scratching his face with a rake? And the heroine’s…ahem!…cute little dog who constantly bites the hero? Of course, there’s the dysfunctional family: Mom is a wildly successful artist whose entire repertoire revolves around female reproductive organs. Older sister Margs (the only interesting character in the whole story) is an attorney who’s bored with her seven-year-old marriage and too set in his schedule husband, Stuart. Younger sister, Natalie, is a self-absorbed bit of fluff and I wanted to tear my eyes out every time I read another scene that involved her. Dad’s role is window dressing. Grandma’s a vile creature. Then of course there are Grace’s two bestest buddies: the obligatory slut with a heart of gold who can’t seem to find the right man and the even more obligatory gay man who can’t seem to find the right man. And lest we forget, Grace’s made-up boyfriend becomes the lie that snowballs so far out of control, at one point, her gay friend has to hide in the men’s room faking diarrhea.

But of all these dislikeable characters, guess who I despised the most? Would you believe, the hero and heroine? I mean, I really couldn’t have cared less about these two. Grace is a walking doormat. Callahan’s just been released from prison after serving a stretch for embezzlement. (Of course, in true romance novel form, Cal’s really an innocent patsy set up by his evil, conniving brother), making him a doormat with WELCOME stamped across his forehead. They deserved each other, but I didn’t deserve to have to waste hours slogging my way through this mess of The Three Stooges meets I Love Lucy.

Someday I’m going to find a romantic comedy that’s actually funny! Oh, wait. Maybe that’s what the author meant by the title. Some ideas are too good to be true. This book wasn’t one of them.



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